Call for USC Software Engineering Project

Computer VolunteerThe USC Viterbi School of Engineering is seeking projects for computer course CSCI577 for the 2015 fall semester. As part of their coursework, USC computer science graduate students develop e-service applications for area small businesses or nonprofits. We invite you to be a client during this upcoming year.

Over the years, students in University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering’s two semester graduate software engineering course, have developed real software systems for real clients, most of which are not-for-profit organizations and/or other USC organizations.

We had a particularly good set of projects last year, several of which are now in useful service. For more information about previous projects that students have worked on, go to or or

As before, we have three types of projects:

1. A two-semester project to define, develop and transition a fully tested and documented application for your use and maintenance.

2. A one-semester project to assess the feasibility of a prospective application via prototyping or analysis of off-the-shelf products.

3. A one-semester feasibility project with the option of continuing to a delivered application in the second semester.

Feel free to forward this email to other potentially interested clients. General information about the projects last year can be found at . If you would like to see one of the projects in use, go to Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission at or iStart on Monday project at

Nonprofits or small businesses requesting help should provide telephone numbers and email addresses of the individual who will be the main contact and who will meet with students and teaching staff a few times during the semester. Your representative will be required to attend the mid-semester and final project presentation. In addition, at least one representative should commit to provide one to two hours per week to meet with the student team.

The fall semester begins in mid-August 2015, and the one-semester projects will be completed in early December. The two-semester projects will be completed in May 2016.

If you have one or more prospective projects, please complete the attached project proposal and email to Sue Koolmanojwong at

Should you have any question, please email Sue Koolmanojwong at

We are providing two meeting for prospective clients on introduction to being a CSCI577 client on Friday August 14, 2015, 1:00pm ­ 2:00 pm at the Salvatori building – SAL 213 , on the USC Campus.

If you need software help, but can’t meet this timeline, please also check out USC’s Code the Change student organization:

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JRP’s New Office!

I’m so excited to be (mostly) settled into Jericho Road Pasadena’s new office! We now have space for a volunteer to work in the office, and we’re looking for volunteers to help with data entry and project management. If you’re able to help with either of these, please contact Melanie at We also need a few office items, including 2 good office chairs, a shredder and a hole punch. If you have extras of any of these items you can donate, please bring them by! The new office is at 75 S. Grand Ave., Pasadena. Donations of chocolate and ice cream are also accepted.

JRP new office

JRP new office

Volunteer Desk and patio - if you volunteer in the office, you will even get coffee breaks on our lovely patio!

Volunteer Desk and patio – if you volunteer in the office, you will even get coffee breaks on our lovely patio!

Melanie's desk

Melanie’s desk

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Strategic Planning with Friends In Deed

Friends In DeedLeadership changes are never easy; Friends In Deed’s ( long-time Executive Director retired a couple of years ago; Friend In Deed hired an interim director who had been involved at FID for many years. Between their urgent mission (Women’s Room for homeless or at-risk women, food pantry, Bad Weather Shelter and housing counseling) and several changes in staff, the part-time interim had her hands full! When Jericho Road Pasadena first met with her, she made the astute comment that she wanted FID to continue to be responsive to the pressing needs of their clients while also being strategic and thoughtful in their approach. JRP volunteer Jim, with a background in nonprofit management and for-profit consulting, helped the very busy ED and board chair to think about organizational priorities, and not only develop a to-do list, but also a do-not-do list. Director Donna Byrns said that having someone help her step back from the day-to-day assistance they provide and look at the big picture was ‘life-changing.’ It also helped staff and the board all get onto the same page about their vision for helping Pasadena’s least fortunate. Many thanks to FID for helping so many needy people and to Jim for his clarity of thought!

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Fundraiser for 5 Acres at Magnolia House

on Wed., July 15, 4 pm to closing: Magnolia House ( will donate 20% of your bill to 5 Acres (, which has promoted safe, loving family solutions for 127 years. (Many of you know that I mentor a wonderful foster youth who lives a 5 Acres, so I know first-hand what a great organization this is.) Print out the flier from 5 Acres’ website ( and come over for a great meal!

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Proposition 13

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe California Association of Nonprofits ( would like your feedback about Proposition 13 (property taxes) and its affect on nonprofits; take the survey at

In 1978, California voters passed Proposition 13 to protect homeowners from high property taxes. As a result, property taxes were lowered to a constitutional maximum of 1% and local property tax revenues fell by more than 60%, resulting in revenue losses at the county and city levels.

At the same time, loopholes in the law have allowed many commercial property owners to avoid reassessments of their properties, thereby paying less than similar and competing commercial property owners. Efforts are underway to close these loopholes, including a bill that has just been introduced in the state legislature: SCA5, which CalNonprofits supports.

This survey is designed to learn directly from California nonprofits about the impact of Proposition 13 on their organizations and communities. We believe that what California nonprofits think about the impact of Proposition 13 should be a vital part of this debate.

As your “Chamber of Commerce” representing the nonprofit sector, our job is to ensure that policy makers and the public at large know the perspective of nonprofits on issues that impact us and the communities we serve. That’s why we are surveying nonprofit leaders about Proposition 13.

CalNonprofits will report back the results later this month!

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Jericho Road Pasadena July Newsletter

5 Anniv Buffet Los TacosCheck out our most recent newsletter at

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Five Years and Counting…

5 Anniv Elizbabeth Andy Mary BetsyNew nonprofits fight for attention, funding, and volunteers—no matter how stirring the purpose that drives their mission. Five years of survival—let alone growth—is something to celebrate.

So we did.

5 Anniv PCO Quartet Jericho Road Pasadena celebrated its fifth anniversary on May 16 under the dappled shade of the pomegranate trees at San Marino’s Old Mill. Besides the rich music from the Pasadena Community Orchestra’s string quartet, the audience of volunteers and nonprofit administrators heard acknowledgements of four mega volunteers: Mitch Dorger, Trip Oldfield, and Jim and Kris Sanders.

Each has contributed over 200 hours to Jericho Road Pasadena’s clients. Dorger and the Sanders have been profiled in other newsletter pieces.5 Anniv Sanders Reel Ideas

For nearly a year, Oldfield acted as interim Chief Financial Officer of CARES, the organization dedicated to serving patients and families at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. He donated 220 hours while

  • Reviewing CARES’s financial processes
  • Working with CARES’s auditor to implement changes
  • Training CARES’s staff to apply better bookkeeping and accounting practices
  • Improving the sophistication of CARES’s business operations

“This project could not have been better,” said Margie Dolinski, Executive Director of CARES. “All goals were accomplished. I learned a lot about accounting and nonprofit operations best practices.”

“Accounting procedures for nonprofits have become increasingly complicated during the last 10 years,” Dolinski emphasized. “Most nonprofits need accounting staff to keep up with the changes and to liaise with the auditors. Trip did all of these things for us!”

Oldfield currently serves as Executive Director of the Program for Torture Victims, based in downtown LA.5 Anniv Buffet Los Tacos

During the May celebration, cool libations softened the worst of a hot Southern California day, and a Mexican-food buffet flowed across several tables, offering rewards to 105 attendees. Although these committed volunteers actually received their just desserts earlier by helping groups continue their good work.

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