Sustainable Growth

Kids“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing.” William Butler Yeats

I am sooo happy that JRP is growing. But hiring a new staff person was not an easy task. Three great volunteers helped JRP hire our wonderful new Program Coordinator. Jim, one of our great thought partners, helped create a position description that fit well within our growth pattern. Then Paul, a professional recruiter, helped post the position and vet applicants, and Jacklin, an employment attorney, drafted all of our hiring paperwork and is developing a employee manual. I’m so happy to have a great new colleague, but I’m especially happy to grow in a thoughtful, sustainable way. Many thanks to Jim, Paul and Jacklin for getting us to this new level!

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JRP Office is Closed Aug. 25 & 26

thanks for your patience as we return voice mails and emails during the week of Aug. 29.

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Amazon Makes Me Smile

Amazon RiverAmazon has a great charitable giving program, Amazon Smile, that donates 0.5% of qualified purchases to charity. If you ever use Amazon, please make Jericho Road Pasadena your designated charity by clicking here: Amazon will remember your choice and prompt you to go to so that we receive a donation. Thank you!

(Here’s my random thought of the day: Words change meaning so much over time. The word ‘amazon’ in classical mythology meant one of a nation of female warriors said to dwell near the Black Sea. When Spanish conquistadors – who tend to be hirsute – got to South America and encountered beardless, long-haired male tribesmen, they weren’t sure if they were men or women warriors, so named the river the Amazon. When Jeff Bezos started, he wanted it to be the largest flow of commerce in the world, like the Amazon River of the internet. So now Amazon means books and movies – and donations to charity.)

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Help with a Professional Touch

WODFThanks to Candace Nicholson of Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund for writing this great article about us! Please see the entire article here (

Jericho Road: Help with a Professional Touch

Everyone needs a little help now and then, including people who rush to help others at the sound of a bell. But what about nonprofits created to help those people who rush to help others? Where do charities turn when they need a hand when the going gets rough? Jericho Road Pasadena, that’s where.

No stranger to providing professional and technical assistance to those in need, Jericho Road Pasadena (JRP) plays a very important – and incredibly humbling – role in the Los Angeles area. “It’s only in the past 15 years have people started to realize that nonprofits are indeed businesses and need to be guided like a business,” says JRP director Melanie Goodyear. “We help to facilitate that and hopefully assist them in setting up a long-term solution so they can continue to give back to the community.” And that’s exactly what JRP did for the Widows & Orphans Development & Marketing team.

In 2015, the charity found itself short-handed and in need of cost-effective solutions for its social media platform. According to Melanie, “social media is one of the most inexpensive ways nonprofits can market their goals, while at the same time stay in touch with their community,” so JRP immediately understood their needs. Melanie connected the team to Pasadena-based marketing and SMO expert, Sarah Emery Bunn, through a program where professionals are assigned a one-time project assisting a non-profit for free! As the owner of Bliss Mission Website & Communications Consulting, Sarah relies on her 17 years of experience helping businesses leverage every tool at their disposal to promote their message so the community will know where to turn during times of need.
And Sarah was more than eager to dive right in: “I sat down with them and we talked about the type of things they needed. I took a lot of notes and wrote a plan … a 30,000-feet view they can share with their board to explain why social media matters.” Sarah recognizes each nonprofit can benefit from a focused and efficient marketing plan. “My business provides communication for small business and nonprofits. A lot of social media is involved. Some of it is writing newsletters, some of it is for website content,” explains Sarah.

It’s thanks to the match-making skills of Jericho Road Pasadena that innovative professionals like Sarah can be paired with nonprofits who may need a hand in making their operations run as smoothly as possible, especially those with limited staff. From finances to IT to strategic planning, “we help the nonprofit get itself on a clearer path to where they like to see their business go,“ shares Melanie. With only six years in the Los Angeles area, JRP has certainly made its mark helping the helpers who keep the community safe, healthy and growing. And Widows & Orphans couldn’t be happier they’re here to lend a hand.

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Normally, we wouldn’t be this excited about a phone but it represents 6 years of steady growth in the community resulting in the need to expand in office space and a new staff member.  With nearly 40 current projects and more non-profits and volunteers contacting us weekly we are a busy, productive office.  Got some wisdom and developed expertise you’d like to contribute to the community?  Give us a call on our NEW PHONE, 626.714.7234   Many thanks to Aaron Saenz who answered our plea for a phone and brought one to us.

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Free Grant Writing Workshop

There is a free grantwriting workshop this Sat, Aug. 20 in Inglewood. More details in the flier: Grantbuilder – FREE Workshop – Inglewood 8-20-2016

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Business Planning Project Complete

Journey HouseRaising funds for nonprofits can be difficult and more nonprofits are creating earned income streams. Journey House (, which provides services to former foster youth, get lots of great donations, many of which help their clients settle into new homes as they age out of the foster care system. Because they get so many donations, they’ve started having semi-annual yard sales for all the items that their clients don’t need. They wondered if there was business potential there. Could they start a thrift store which would generate ongoing income? JRP volunteer Louise, an entrepreneur, has helped Journey House with the first phase of a business plan, helping decide whether it’s feasible, how it could be launched with minimal risk and what Journey House can put into place now to build a foundation for a business operation that’s very different than their current services. Journey House Exec. Dir. praised Louise’s honesty, insight, knowledge and warmth for helping them figure out whether to move forward with planning. The long-term outcome of Louise’s project will be more income to support young people with no other support system. Thank you, Louise!

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