Welcome Help

For Pasadena Site Director Melanie Goodyear, some projects are a hole in one.  “I spend a lot of time getting to know nonprofits and volunteers so that we can match the right volunteer to a nonprofit in need.  Sometimes that requires more work on my part, but occasionally, there is a project where the volunteer and nonprofit really are a perfect fit from the start.”  Such has been the case with volunteer Terry Griest and the Pasadena Unified School District’s Welcome Center.  As a PUSD alumna and graphic designer, Terry has helped update the marketing materials for the Welcome Center, the hub for getting families and other volunteers involved with the school district. Its out-dated and limited marketing resource portfolio could no longer suffice. It needed printed materials to let the community know what they do and how the community can get involved.

Now reflecting the diversity of services the Center offers, its new materials allow the Center to customize its information for volunteers, families and other community members. More involved families and community members means stronger support to the schools, which of course have suffered from severe cutbacks in this economic climate. More volunteer and family involvement equals a better education for Pasadena’s most precious resource–its children. The Welcome Center works hard to connect resources to Pasadena schools and is thankful that Terry’s designs will attract even more volunteers and parents to get involved in PUSD.

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