The Economic Situation

A sense of lack and fear stirs through the local nonprofit community in these economic conditions. “Help us feel less desperate about the situation,” one local nonprofit leader recently pled to Director Melanie Goodyear.

But that is an opportunity for JR Pasadena. As Dan Holin continued, JRP has received “more requests than ever” from nonprofits in need of assistance through the recent downturn.

JR Pasadena volunteers are answering the call. They have completed 20 projects and are working on another 15 projects currently. They have helped nonprofits create new marketing materials for organizations like the PUSD Welcome Center. They have trained nonprofit leaders to utilize technology and online tools more efficiently. They have even grappled with board governance and resource development issues. Clearly, the community’s needs run the gamut.

But JR’s clients are not the only nonprofits in need. Director Melanie Goodyear’s inbox fills with applications from clients who do not where to start building their organizational capacity. Her calendar is full of meetings with volunteers who are thrilled at the opportunity to contribute and are waiting to be paired with a nonprofit. As JR Pasadena’s services expand, our budget will need to expand.

So, don’t forget how important it is to donate to JR Pasadena in this time of giving. Supporting JR Pasadena means supporting the whole local nonprofit community. It means helping to enrich the lives of JR volunteers. It means that you understand the power of professional services donated to organizations and people in need.  Donate online or send a check to Jericho Road Pasadena, 301 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 802, Pasadena, CA 91101.

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