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How Much Should You Give?

In researching this thread of how much people donate, I came across a couple of great articles.  One is a New York Times about how to decide how much to give (fixed percent or sliding scale? percent of income or … Continue reading

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How Much Do People Donate Charity?

In response to a great question, I did some research on how much people give. I didn’t immediately find any reliable percentages, but it looked like about 3% of income through the various articles I read. Does anyone have better … Continue reading

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Putting in Your 10% Worth….

I’ve spent part of the afternoon organizing my records on foundations that might fund JRP and it’s gotten me to thinking about why nonprofits struggle so much for money. JRP is lucky to have a great board who have already … Continue reading

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So Many Great Nonprofits, So Little Time!

I am amazed at how many great organization there are in Pasadena. This week, I’ve met with Seeds of Faith (, who do academic outreach in northwest Pasadena and Altadena, the Pasadena Public Health Department (, who provide low-cost health … Continue reading

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The Role of Nonprofits and Volunteer Work in Job Creation

Interesting piece from MarketPlace from a couple of weeks ago:

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It’s International Volunteer Day!

Thank you to all of the wonderful JRP volunteers who give so much time, energy and expertise to local nonprofits.  For more on International Volunteer Day, visit

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Finishing Up Lots of Projects….

before the end of the year. Recently met with staff from the Pasadena Senior Center ( and IT volunteer Warry to finish up a project adjusting the Senior Center’s database. Thank, Warry, for your time and expertise!

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