Virtual Nonprofits

One of JRP’s new projects is helping a national nonprofit put more resources online. The Network of Ensemble Theaters ( has conferences all over the country, but attendance is generally limited to theater companies in the regions where conferences are held, as few theater groups have the budget for national conference travel. They are hoping to put more resources online, which will greatly expand their audience and disseminate information even to the smallest ensemble theaters in the most remote locations. A great volunteer is helping them research the formats that will make web broadcasting the primary way in which they interact with their clients. The potential change to their constituency in this project is incredible; every ensemble theater in the country and possibly abroad will be able to access their resources, helping art affect community nationwide.

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3 Responses to Virtual Nonprofits

  1. says:

    So, the small local guys are having a national impact. Great job, and good press. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mark Valdez says:

    Thanks Hirrellaw! I’m with the Network of Ensemble Theaters and I gotta say, we do a lot but we never do it alone! Need to give a shout out to JRP!

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