But I Don’t Wanna Eat My Brocolli!

Why is it so hard to do what’s good for us?  Building capacity can be hard for nonprofits for many reasons.  JRP surveyed nonprofits in December and January to see what barriers exists to building infrastructure in their organizations and got the following results:

  • 73% said that they’re too busy to work on many of the projects that would make their organization stronger,
  • 30% said that their organizations are in transition, so they’re not sure what would make their organizations stronger,
  • 13% said they’ve had poor experiences with volunteers in the past, so would be hesitant to take on skilled volunteers.

What can you do to help? Of course, being a generous and consistent donor to the causes you care about helps nonprofits maintain staffing levels and service levels. Volunteering in a variety of capacities, whether in your area of expertise or just lending a hand, is also helpful, especially when you can make a regular commitment. For JRP’s staff and volunteers, carving up capacity-building projects to smaller, more manageable projects is crucial. By continually developing step by step, nonprofits will increase their effectiveness now and in the long term.

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