Buzz Words

I hear the term “change management” everywhere lately: in information technology, in communications, in project management, but I’m still not sure what change managers really do. According to Wikipedia, change management is a structured approach to shifting/transitioning organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment.

Ah, now I get it. Rapid change has become the norm in our society, and yet change is so hard; it’s great to have someone provide a process to make sure that changes are positive and productive, rather than scary and harrowing.

We have a couple of great change management volunteers, so if you know of a nonprofit who is undergoing changes (and who’s not?), please have them contact me to ask for professional help in managing the change well. I can be reached at or 626-319-6466.

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