Art Center Students Volunteer for JRP

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, marketing is often a challenge for nonprofits, as many organizations are so busy doing their good work, that they have no time to tell people about how great they are! In Pasadena, we are lucky to have Art Center College of Design (, with an excellent reputation for educating designers of all kinds. Art Center at Night ( students are creating new marketing materials for JRP. As JRP grows, we are seeing the need for more sophisticated marketing materials and greater outreach in Pasadena and the surrounding communities. Art Center students would like to build their portfolios and gain experience working with clients, so this volunteer opportunity is a win-win situation for JRP and for Art Center students. If this collaboration is as mutually beneficial as we hope, Art Center students will be able to help other nonprofits in the future, taking on a new nonprofit per semester. Art Center is committed to working with their neighbors and have already created many great materials for organizations such as Friends In Deed. Thanks to Art Center for their generosity to local nonprofits and especially to the students in the Intro to Graphic Design class; please keep an eye open for JRP’s new look in the next few months!

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