Great Turnout at the Volunteer Managers’ Roundtable

More than 35 people attended the Volunteer Managers’ Roundtable, hosted by the Flintridge Center (, last Friday, which was a great turn out! Here are a couple of follow up resources for volunteer managers:

• The next DOVIA-LA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies: meeting will be Friday, July 20, 9:30 am at the Braille Institute on Vermont in Hollywood.

Some  of the topics that were raised were:

– Good placement systems (right volunteer for each job / task) and scheduling
– Training and orientation systems (especially about teen volunteers, especially as many of us are being inundated with calls for students to  do volunteer work over the summer)
– Liability / clearance issues
– Marketing volunteer opportunities, for both done-in-a-day / episodic opportunities and for ongoing volunteer opportunities; online recruitment vs. traditional methods like civic clubs
– Creating a culture of volunteerism: getting staff buy-in for volunteerism; “service enterprise” training will be offered in the next year
– Generational changes in volunteerism
– Strategic planning and determining outcomes for volunteer programs
– Retention and recognition

We will hopefully schedule more meetings to talk more about these topics in the fall. If anyone is interested in working with me to organize a follow-up meeting, please contact me at or 626-319-6466.

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