Thanks to San Gabriel Valley Literacy Network!

San Gabriel Valley Literacy Network ( was 1 of the first nonprofits to get a JRP volunteer. A year and a half after the project finished, the volunteer’s work is still having an impact on SGVLC’s organizational development, which is exactly the kind of long-term impact that our skilled volunteers aim for. As a thank-you, SGVLC just sent in a donation to JRP, which was gratefully received! Thanks to the small but mighty SGVLC for the great work you do in Pasadena and beyond, and many thanks for your donation!

The San Gabriel Valley Literacy Council provides small group English language instruction and citizenship preparation classes for adults in the west San Gabriel Valley. We serve a diverse group of people from around the world who make their home in our community. We help to equip them with the skills that will make them more effective and involved workers, parents, and community members.

The SGVLC is an all-volunteer organization—from our tutors to our support staff, a rarity these days. Classes are offered in partnership with various organizations in the west San Gabriel Valley, including libraries, schools, churches, and community centers.

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