New JRP Project: Board Development with Community First Initiatives

Thanks to Board Development expert Mitch Dorger (, who is volunteering with Community First Initiatives ( CFI develops communities in rural Cambodia through health job creation, and health and education infrastructure. They were founded less than 5 years ago and have grown quickly in that time. Typical of a new nonprofit, they have a great board, but their needs in a board are dynamic, as is their organization. Mitch will help them assess what stage their board is at now and what needs they will have in future board members. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, board development is considered one of the most important aspect of good nonprofit management, as the board provides strategic, governance and fundraising leadership. JRP is excited to connect such a highly qualified expert like Mitch, who has a lifetime of experience in management, with a great organization like CFI.

This project is a bit of a departure for JRP; in the past 2 years, we have focused on nonprofits that provide some or all of their services in the Pasadena area. CFI is based in Pasadena, but provides all of its services in Cambodia, so we’re excited that our work will be international! I’ve also enjoyed learning so much about Cambodia, who is developing after a devastating civil war.

Thanks to Mitch for his volunteer time and kudos to CFI, who are helping such a needy area!

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