Journey House Celebrates 30 Years with the Help of JRP Volunteers

Penny Arroyo has turned her passion into a business, and now she’s sharing her expertise with area nonprofits through JRP. For 10 years, Penny worked as a recreation coordinator for the City of Monrovia. “I’ve always had a passion for party and event planning,” she smiles. So she was lucky to find a job where she was responsible for all of the city’s public social events.

When Penny retired from the city in 2011, she opened her own event planning business called See and Believe Event Planning. It’s the best of both worlds. She still works with the City and planned their very successful New Year’s Eve party, but she also gets to branch out with weddings, fundraisers and theme parties.

Penny Arroyo and Jen Rodriguez – JRP Volunteers and staff of See and Believe Events

Jen Rodriguez worked at Monrovia Reads, is a college senior and is interning with Penny. When she graduates, she plans to open Ecopeach Events, a green event planning business in Chico.

Both Penny and Jen knew JRP’s site director, Melanie Goodyear, so when she called them and asked for help with a fundraiser, they said yes without even knowing what JRP does. “Melanie is so organized and made sure we had a thorough understanding of the scope of the project,” Jen explained.

Penny and Jen are helping Journey House plan a big fundraiser for Saturday, September 22, 11 am – 4 pm. Journey House, which provides assistance in meeting initial independent living needs to young people who have left the foster care system, is housed in a beautiful century old home on Los Robles. The event will include a house tour, food and entertainment. “Penny knows exactly what she’s doing and has really great ideas,” Jorge smiles. “We needed that!”

Journey House – historical home and home base for foster youth

For Tim Mayworm, the founder of Journey House, and Jorge Camarena, Program Director and all-around angel, Journey House is truly a labor of love. But, like many small nonprofits in this stressful economy, Journey House has had to cut back on services over the past few years. With Penny and Jenifer’s help, they hope their Sept. 22 house tour and fundraiser will educate the community about their services and uncover a few more angels to turn things around. For tickets to the house tour or more information about Journey House, go to or call 626-798-9478.

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