PUSD Welcome Center Awarded Greeley Grant through JRP

The Pasadena Unified School District Welcome Center (http://parent-center.pasadenausd.org/modules/groups/integrated_home.phtml?&gid=955113) was awarded a Greeley Grant for Excellence (GGE) at our volunteer recognition event last week. GGE is an annual cash award given through the Jericho Road Project, based in Massachusetts, to a nonprofit client and JR volunteer who excelled in their collaboration.  The GGE is given by the Greeley Foundation to honor the memory of Rev. Dr. Dana McLean Greeley (1908-1986), who was committed to peace and justice as a way of life. Especially in the current economic climate, PUSD knows how important it is to involve their community.

Volunteer Terry Griest shows the PUSD Welcome Center new marketing materials that she designed.

The Welcome Center is charged with getting people involved in Pasadena schools, whether helping parents understand their child’s report card or placing a CalTech student as a volunteer in a science class. JRP volunteer Terry Griest created a new logo and marketing materials for the Welcome Center to publicize opportunities to help a child learn. This collaboration was nominated for a Greeley Grant for Excellence due to the Welcome Center’s innovation in marketing , and due to Terry’s hard work on the project. In addition to her design expertise, Terry helped the Welcome Center think about their mission, community involvement, and what will most help kids succeed in Pasadena schools. Thanks to Theresa Doran, Welcome Center Coordinator, her staff and JRP volunteer Terry for this great project. We look forward to seeing more information about volunteer opportunities at PUSD.

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One Response to PUSD Welcome Center Awarded Greeley Grant through JRP

  1. Dan Holin says:

    Wow. Terrific work!

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