Next DOVIA Meeting: Nov. 16

This will be the end-of-year roundtable, where you can choose from a variety of topics in volunteer management to discuss and learn more about. See more details on the meeting and other DOVIA news at–8sPT7ewsOHvIwm-Kq5SinopwWNuAiT4PgZZg2ELHqNZbcTAqWLTCnKQ_JC_yuqVTQDkI19nsq3ICJPCzb8R-jkrGMgRNTageh5BAwcdiMCjnJ-1l3DM0zXQ3YWfilpJyLjNBCZbbP6qM88XqjnpU_-8P1krd7b3heDkkhwCUNe6DWcxAvKNs-PtPA6Icyy0vKxxQXRQc0uwJO

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