Marketing Project for Collective Voice Completed

In May, I wrote about a new project helping Collective Voices ( with a marketing strategy. One of the biggest lesson learned during this project is to focus marketing. Many nonprofits want to get the word out to everyone in their community, but our marketing volunteer advised Collective Voices to go in the opposite direction: of the many people you want to reach, who is the most important to the success of your mission in the near future? What do you want that targeted group to do as a result of interaction with your organization? For Collective Voices, they decided to focus marketing on Pasadena teachers, especially at the middle school level. Not only does this strategy help Collective Voices focus their message to a core constituency, it will also save them a lot of time and money. Thanks to our great marketing volunteer Carol for imparting this wisdom about marketing. It makes perfect sense to focus resources on an important group of people, yet so many nonprofits waste lots of energy trying to get the word out to everyone and their dog. Thanks, Carol, for your great guidance; Collective Voices said you are brilliant and very much appreciated your time!

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