New JRP Project: Fundraising for CAP

Fundraising: the hamster wheel that most nonprofits spin. Even large nonprofits with dedicated fundraising staff have a hard time raising enough to execute their missions. But small organizations like College Access Plan ( have no dedicated fundraising staff; their staff is all busy helping under-served kids get into college! For a small organization, CAP has a high level of sophistication and their Exec. Dir. runs a a well-oiled, efficient and effective nonprofit. Despite staff’s knowledge of raising money, they simply have no time to put that knowledge into practice.

Enter Danny, who just moved to the Pasadena area, and was involved in Jericho Road in Dallas, TX. Danny will help CAP staff create a plan to solicit more individual donors and lend a hand in implementing the plan. JRP hopes this extra helping hand is just what CAP needs to get more donors who are passionate about education, which will enable CAP to reach even more kids who might not otherwise go to college.

Of course, both CAP and JRP welcome your donations! If you would like to help kids go to college, go to To help nonprofits around Pasadena, visit

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