1800-mile cross-country charity bike ride

Modern holy man tests ‘Good Samaritan’ biblical parable with 1800-mile cross-country charity bike ride

Reverend Daniel Kanter to ride from Dallas, TX to Concord, MA in support of The Jericho Road Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing professional resources for charitable organizations

DALLAS – When Reverend Daniel Kanter sets off on an 1800-mile bike ride from Dallas, TX to Concord, MA, on April 29 at 8 am, it will be with nothing more than a pack containing a change of clothes, tools, a spare tire, a blanket, a tarp and an emergency credit card in case of dire need. Beyond that, however – along with the occasional bite to eat he’ll carry – Kanter will have little else than his faith in the charity of the others to provide for him on his way.

His journey will take him through 10 states on modern roads, but the ground he is hoping to cover is of a much more ancient make.

Kanter, the senior minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Dallas and an avid bicyclist, is riding to raise money for The Jericho Road Project, a non-profit group dedicated to providing professional and executive resources to charitable organizations that have neither the time funds to engage them. The name of the group, Jericho Road, is in obvious relation to the New Testament parable told by Jesus about the Good Samaritan on the road to Jericho.

All of this combined to make a perfect opportunity to engage his love of cycling with his broad-based faith and practice as a minister.

“My goal is to do about 100 miles a day,” Kanter said. “I’ve mapped the entire route out on a website and will, hopefully, hear from people that may be willing to come out and ride into town with me, bring me a small bite to eat or maybe offer a hot shower and a spot to rest for a couple hours. My hope is that the ‘Good Samaritan’ is still alive and well in this country and they’ll come out and show their support.”

The route will take Kanter east from Dallas and through Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and finally in to Massachusetts and his final stop of Concord, home of The Jericho Road Project. The full route, and more information, can be found at www.ridetojericho.org.

“The rules are simple,” said Kanter. “To the fullest extent that I can, whenever possible, I want to rely on the kindness of others without regard to their religion, race or lifestyle.”

Daniel Kanter is available for interview. For images, or to arrange a time to talk, please contact Noah Fleisher at 214-409-1143, or at NoahF@HA.com.

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