New EDs: Accelerate Your Learning Curve

New Executive Directors: Want to be more effective at…

  • Working with your Board of Directors?
  • Fundraising and fiscal matters?
  • Evolving mission-driven programs and a clear direction?
  • Managing your human capital?

Executive Service Corps’ Wells Fargo New Executive Directors Institute will help you build the critical leadership skills you need to bring your organization to new heights.

Designed specifically for leaders who have been in their positions for three years or less, NEDI is the only local leadership program for new executives that fully integrates engaging classroom training sessions, a supportive peer network, and a full year of individualized coaching.

If you are a new nonprofit chief executive, NEDI is your chance to benefit from a truly holistic leadership development program, including:

  • Eight interactive seminars to expand your knowledge and skill base;
  • 12 months of expert, customized coaching;
  • A supportive group of executive director peers; and
  • 8 years of proven results.

Join the more than 120 new nonprofit executives who have already benefited from this unique program! Click here to learn more.

Applications are due May 10  and space is very limited, so don’t delay!  Program begins June 7.

Janet M.If you have any questions, email Program Director Janet McIntyre or call 213.613.9103 X16.

ESC’s Wells Fargo New Executive Directors Institute is made possible by the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation.

(Melanie’s note: Janet McIntyre is AWESOME and I can’t recommend working with her enough!)

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