Nonprofit Finance: Conquering the Puzzle

October 23, 2013, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm,

Center for Nonprofit Management, 1000 S. Alameda St, Los Angeles

Did you know?
The NY Opera has filed for bankruptcy. In Los Angeles, Wings of Refuge, one of our largest foster care agencies has been charged with financial misconduct and abuse.

Karla Salazar's profile photoMake sure your organization is covered. Financial literacy and prudent oversight are necessary of every leader. Join us October 23rd to learn about financial literacy and management with Karla Salazar. 

Financial statements, reporting, and metrics are important management tools. As an executive or board member, you will need to analyze spreadsheets or produce meaningful financial reports for planning and decision making. However, unless you have a background in accounting, reading financial statements can be difficult. Make sense of these statements and the important factors that affect your organization’s bottom line.

Learn vital tips from our financial expert and discover:

  • How organizational transactions are transformed into financial statements
  • What you need to know about Statement of Financial Positions, Statement of Activities and cash flow.
  • Key ratios and calculations for the financial strength and weakness of nonprofit organizations
  • Why cash and the cash flow cycle are so important to every organization
  • Ways to demystify a financial statements, terms and formulas

The training session has the following objectives:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of nonprofit financial statements.
  • Review key metrics (ratios and calculations) that will increase understanding of the impact of an organization’s business decisions and their relative financial risks and challenges on their fundraising and revenue – generating strategies.
  • Develop a general framework of key questions to ask when reading nonprofit financial statements through case studies and exercises of nonprofit organizations with varying budgets.
  • Share free resources that will provide additional training on the topic of nonprofit accounting and finance.

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