New JRP Project for Young & Healthy

NPO - Young and Healthy 2Young & Healthy ( has been a great nonprofit partner for JRP. We’ve helped this great organization update their website and marketing materials and have just started a new project with them. When Exec. Dir. Mary called to ask if JRP has any volunteers who enjoy policies and procedures, we had just the right matches. Dana is both knowledgeable about what policies nonprofits should have and has a trove of templates for nonprofits to start with. Warry, a retired IT professional, is great at creating smart, detailed procedures to create easy systems and teach new staff and volunteers the ropes. This dynamic duo will complete a comprehensive policies and procedures manual through the spring and summer. As a result, Y&H will be able to bring in more volunteers, train newbies faster, and have a record of their work in case anything happens to a current staffperson. Thanks to Dana and Warry for being awesome volunteers and to Y&H for helping kids be healthy!

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