The Trials and Tribulations of Foster Care

Family Treez Productions is launching a crowdfunding campaign through on May 1st, 2014.  The campaign will run through all of May which is National Foster Care Month.  Their goal of $50,000 is to raise funds for a feature film, Trials and Tribulations, an inside look and raw depiction of our state and national foster care systems.  The film is drawn from the real-life experience of its writer, Dameon “D.” Pichetrungsi to create international awareness of the crisis which claims over 63,000 children in California, and over 460,000 in America annually.
The Family Treez Productions Team is confident that the message of hope and redemption expressed in the film will serve as a motivational tool for current and former foster youth.  Every “cause” needs a voice.  Because Trials and Tribulations will be an independently funded film, we need your support to create that voice for every child who has ever had the “cause” to feel unwanted.
With support from government officials such as Los Angeles County Supervisor, Michael Antonovich, and local businesses such as Journey House (a Pasadena non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides support and resources to former foster youth;,  Family Treez Productions is prepared to approach accredited investors to finance Trials and Tribulations.
It is our intention to produce this film independently, and with a proposed budget of over one million dollars, any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.  In addition, all contributions will also help us garner the necessary accredited investors who have already exhibited interest in matching any funds that we raise on our own.
Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign at
For more information on Family Treez Productions, please visit
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