Round It Up, America!

Green Street RestaurantGreen Street Restaurant ( is giving their guests a chance to donate to charity every time they pay with a credit card……the check insert explains where their money goes and the food check shows where they “ROUND IT UP”….

Round it Up America is a simple, charitable giving program that provides restaurant patrons with the opportunity to donate to charity by rounding up their purchases when using a credit card. These donations are contributed to charities that enhance our communities and strengthen our country. Together, we can make change across America.

Your generous donations will support:

Young & Healthy, Pasadena: Provider of healthcare to children & youth ( and Healthy

Jericho Road Pasadena: Builds capacity in Pasadena’s non-profit organizations by providing needed professional or technical expertise free of charge (

California Restaurant Association Education Foundation (

Enjoy a delicious meal while helping great causes at Green Street Restaurant: 164 Shoppers Lane, Pasadena / 626-577-7170.

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