Connecting to Community

LC QuallsSadly, many people who have been in prison will return. The Pasadena-Altadena Reintegration Council ( is interrupting the cycle of recidivism by providing comprehensive services to people returning to their communities from prison. As a collaborative of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, including law enforcement, PARC is able to meet the various needs of ex-offenders to make sure that they have housing, job opportunities, education and healthy living skills, helping them re-integrate into their communities. This improves the lives of ex-offenders, builds safe communities and saves tax payer money, so PARC affects all of us. As a growing collaboration, PARC has been thinking about how organizational development to facilitate their growth. A JRP volunteer provided about 10 hours to help the PARC members think through their infrastructure, including clear roles and responsibilities for members and better information sharing to provide wrap-around services to their clients. By helping PARC function more efficiently, we’ve helped more ex-offenders turn their lives around and become integrated members of our community!

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