Five Years and Counting…

5 Anniv Elizbabeth Andy Mary BetsyNew nonprofits fight for attention, funding, and volunteers—no matter how stirring the purpose that drives their mission. Five years of survival—let alone growth—is something to celebrate.

So we did.

5 Anniv PCO Quartet Jericho Road Pasadena celebrated its fifth anniversary on May 16 under the dappled shade of the pomegranate trees at San Marino’s Old Mill. Besides the rich music from the Pasadena Community Orchestra’s string quartet, the audience of volunteers and nonprofit administrators heard acknowledgements of four mega volunteers: Mitch Dorger, Trip Oldfield, and Jim and Kris Sanders.

Each has contributed over 200 hours to Jericho Road Pasadena’s clients. Dorger and the Sanders have been profiled in other newsletter pieces.5 Anniv Sanders Reel Ideas

For nearly a year, Oldfield acted as interim Chief Financial Officer of CARES, the organization dedicated to serving patients and families at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. He donated 220 hours while

  • Reviewing CARES’s financial processes
  • Working with CARES’s auditor to implement changes
  • Training CARES’s staff to apply better bookkeeping and accounting practices
  • Improving the sophistication of CARES’s business operations

“This project could not have been better,” said Margie Dolinski, Executive Director of CARES. “All goals were accomplished. I learned a lot about accounting and nonprofit operations best practices.”

“Accounting procedures for nonprofits have become increasingly complicated during the last 10 years,” Dolinski emphasized. “Most nonprofits need accounting staff to keep up with the changes and to liaise with the auditors. Trip did all of these things for us!”

Oldfield currently serves as Executive Director of the Program for Torture Victims, based in downtown LA.5 Anniv Buffet Los Tacos

During the May celebration, cool libations softened the worst of a hot Southern California day, and a Mexican-food buffet flowed across several tables, offering rewards to 105 attendees. Although these committed volunteers actually received their just desserts earlier by helping groups continue their good work.

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