Strategic Planning with Friends In Deed

Friends In DeedLeadership changes are never easy; Friends In Deed’s ( long-time Executive Director retired a couple of years ago; Friend In Deed hired an interim director who had been involved at FID for many years. Between their urgent mission (Women’s Room for homeless or at-risk women, food pantry, Bad Weather Shelter and housing counseling) and several changes in staff, the part-time interim had her hands full! When Jericho Road Pasadena first met with her, she made the astute comment that she wanted FID to continue to be responsive to the pressing needs of their clients while also being strategic and thoughtful in their approach. JRP volunteer Jim, with a background in nonprofit management and for-profit consulting, helped the very busy ED and board chair to think about organizational priorities, and not only develop a to-do list, but also a do-not-do list. Director Donna Byrns said that having someone help her step back from the day-to-day assistance they provide and look at the big picture was ‘life-changing.’ It also helped staff and the board all get onto the same page about their vision for helping Pasadena’s least fortunate. Many thanks to FID for helping so many needy people and to Jim for his clarity of thought!

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