Pasadena Meals on Wheels

Meals on WheelsMeals on Wheels is a national organization that provides 2 meals a day to seniors and other shut-ins. The Pasadena chapter ( started in 1964 and is the first chapter west of the Mississippi and currently serve 100 people. They are a mostly volunteer organization, with the board providing governance, management and even driving a regular route. With such a dedicated board, it’s important to them to develop their board thoughtfully. JRP volunteer Perry is currently helping them review their bylaws to make sure that their basic governing document really reflects the way the organization operates and is conducive to their growth. With updated byalws and policies in hand, they will be able to recruit great new board members, so that even more people who can’t cook for themselves can have 2 healthy meals a day. Thanks to the dedicated board of Meals on Wheels for providing this important service and thanks to Perry for helping them be a great organization!

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