Program Director Position Open at Claremont Lincoln Univeristy

CLU Logofor the Masters in Social Impact program. See the full listing in the Chronicle for Higher Education at

Scholarships are also available for new students starting in Oct. The M.A. in Social Impact teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders—particularly, though not exclusively in the social and civil sectors—to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within and/or beyond their organizations and communities. It is intended for those emerging leaders with entrepreneurial spirits seeking the skills and perspectives to be intrapreneurs in their organizations, change-agents in their communities, or catalysts for new social endeavors.

If this description fits you, then now is the time to start your application…Claremont CLULincoln University is busy planning for a new term that will begin October 12, 2015. The Master of Arts in Social Impact is a way to obtain your MA in 15 months. With 5 10-week terms in an online format, this program moves along quickly and allows for maximum flexibility in managing your learning around your schedule.

Deadline for application is October 5, the Monday before classes start. Applications are at: For information, please contact our Admissions Director Natalie Dymchenko

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