‘Nonprofit’ Isn’t Our Business Model

HFSCAs a wise colleague from the Center for Nonprofit Management says “Nonprofit is our tax status, not our business model.” Nonprofits’ bottom line is about making the world a better place, not about the money we raise or earn, but we nonetheless need to have accurate and transparent finances. The Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California (hemosocal.org) knows how important it is for nonprofits to manage their money well so recently asked JRP to review their financial policies and procedures; in doing so, their staff and board will be more aware of their financial position, finances can be easily reported to funders and the IRS and they will have efficient, cost-effective methods of maintaining good financial records. Enter JRP volunteer, Bret, a CPA and MBA with both for-profit and nonprofit experience. He is helping review their policies and procedures which will help them save money on accounting fees and give their new Executive Director a better picture of their finances. Bret is a highly-skilled (and really nice) volunteer; JRP is so happy to be able to match such a high-caliber volunteer with such a great nonprofit; in turn, we will help them be even stronger in helping people with hemophilia to lead full and productive lives!

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One Response to ‘Nonprofit’ Isn’t Our Business Model

  1. Greg Apodaca says:

    Good to know. Thanks. You may want to check out the TED Talks video by Dan Pallotta for a similar take on “thinking like a non profit,” and how it may not work for the times were in.

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