JRP Gave $215,000 in Services in 2015!

NPO - GOTRNonprofits do world-changing work, often on shoe-string budgets. Jericho Road Pasadena exists to provide free services to nonprofits so they can work more efficiently and effectively. Since opening in May 2010, we have grown steadily, helping more and more local nonprofits maximize their resources. 2015 was our most productive year ever; JRP volunteers and staff gave 2,700 hours of expert time, worth $215,000! That’s a 15% increase in the value of our services to nonprofits over 2014. 58 volunteers gave their time and talents and we served 36 nonprofits. The ripple effect of this work is that more girls have been empowered, more people with developmental disabilities have been supported, more people have been produced art, more people have improved their health through ground-breaking research and more people have found tranquility in public gardens. Many thanks to the volunteer, donors and support who helped JRP grow in 2015 and who have helped so many of their neighbors!

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