Nonprofit Health Insurance

 Please join CalNonprofits for a webinar about a new option for nonprofit health insurance — HealthWay Trust.

It’s not very often that a truly new option opens up for health insurance for nonprofit employees.

Join the webinar to find out more about this new option for nonprofit health insurance.But now there is one: HealthWay Trust, which has operated successfully for San Diego nonprofits for 21 years. Through an agreement between CalNonprofits and the United Way of San Diego, this Trust is now open to nonprofits throughout California for the first time!

WHEN: April 14, 2016  12:00 – 12:30pm

FREE for Members / $10 for Not-yet-Members 

Presenter: Meredeth Clark, CEO, CalNonprofits Insurance Services

Register HERE

What’s different: HealthWay is a MEWA — a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement — authorized under ERISA. For nonprofits, it means:

 No age-banded rates: all employees have the same rate

 Choose a group medical plan along with your choice of dental plan, vision, life insurance, and chiropractic/acupuncture.

 Pay one consolidated monthly bill

 COBRA administration at no extra cost

 Flexible spending account administration at no extra cost

 Wellness program at no extra cost

This is all possible because a MEWA — unlike other heath insurance options — is a Trust. Your nonprofit joins the other nonprofits in the Trust to create an employer group that collectively obtains rates and services. HealthWay is a nonprofit: as a member of the Trust you vote for members of the Board of Trustees, and run for a trustee position if you wish. HealthWay Trust is like a co-op in that it’s collectively and democratically managed.

Register HERE.

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