Two PhDs for the Price of One!

Computer VolunteerKeeping up with technology in the 21st century is hard for individuals, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. But nonprofits have the added challenge of finding funding for IT systems, as many donors give to programs rather than operations. (Think about the last donation you made to a charity: was it because you were touched by a story of a person the nonprofit helped or because the nonprofit manages their data well?) Convalescent Aid Society ( recently asked JRP for help with information technology strategy help so that they can have a comprehensive and thoughtful plan, and they can look for the right funding to get an entire system funded, rather than piecing together hardware and software, as many nonprofits do. Moe and his wife Stacy, who both have PhDs, are working on the project together; CAS’s Exec. Dir., said “wow, 2 PhDs for the price of 1!” With such brainpower behind their new IT strategy, CAS will implement new systems that will make it easier for people to borrow durable medical equipment, easier for them to maintain inventory, and will increase the rate of returned material, which can then be loaned to other people with medical issues. JRP loves to match such smart volunteers with such smart organizations!

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