Nonprofits Know the Secrets of Alchemy

Journey HouseMany nonprofits run on shoe-string budgets, always maximizing whatever resources they can. We’re really good at turning any donation into something useful, whether volunteer time, donations of goods, or sharing services. Journey House assists emancipated foster youth meet their initial independent living needs. They get many donations of housewares and furniture, some of which helps former foster youth set up their own homes; but Journey House gets so many donations, they’ve started having semi-annual yard sales, which raise funds for them to offer more services to kids who have no families to support them. Journey House is wonderful if they can turn the successful yard sales into a thrift store, which would provide ongoing funding as well as job training for their youth. Before diving into a social enterprise, they want to have a good business plan to see if it’s feasible. Of course, they turned to JRP, whose extensive roster of skilled volunteers includes businesspeople. Enter Louise, an experienced entrepreneur, who is helping Journey House create a thorough business plan so they can make a well-educated decision on whether to start a thrift store. Thanks to Louise for lending her business acumen and thanks to Journey House for helping young people who so badly need their support!

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