Grant Us Serenity…

grantsGrants are a major part of most nonprofits’ budgets, but can be a huge challenge to apply for and receive. Especially for small nonprofits, the research, application and reporting process for most foundations is challenging, if not impossible. Due to the high demand for grant assistance, JRP normally does not provide technical assistance in this area, but we currently have 2 great volunteers helping small nonprofits improve their chance of receiving grants. Haig, a professional grant writer, is reviewing the requests of Mothers Helping Others, a 3-year old organization, so that they know how to write good requests and have good boilerplate language. Marianne is helping the Fire Family Foundation, which has grown significantly in the past few years, to research new foundation prospects. Many thanks to these great volunteers for helping small nonprofits have better processes for grant writing and improving their chances at getting funded!

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