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How Effective Are Nonprofits?

As I’ve posted previously, it can be very difficult for nonprofits to measure their impact. The bottom line for nonprofits is essentially qualitative, not quantitative. Blue Avocado recently published an article about the attempts to rate nonprofits and where these … Continue reading

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If Bakeries Had Restricted Funding…

Thanks to Vu Le of Blue Avocado for this funny article on what would happen if bakeries had restricted funding: http://blueavocado.org/node/810. It makes me even more thankful for the many unrestricted and general operating support donations and grants that Jericho Road … Continue reading

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Vote with Your Mission

CalNonprofits has a new initiative to get people affiliated with nonprofits (staff, volunteers, board members, clients) to be more engaged in the political process to further their organization’s cause. Jan Masaoka, CalNonprofits’ new Exec. Dir., says: “All of us have … Continue reading

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